Happy Birthday Gift to BTL Readers

I received a nice email from a longtime Autodesk product trainer and friend Matt Murphy. He and his company are offering a little something special to Between the Lines readers today to celebrate the 35th birthday of Autodesk. It is some free Autodesk product training.
How wicked cool is that?

Thank you Matt!

35 Years already, Autodesk? 

Wow, how the time flies when you’ve been busy teaching, constructing, manufacturing, animating, designing, and, of course, having a whole lot of fun!
Our team at CADLearning has been with you nearly every step of the way.

We remember when Autodesk came on a floppy disk! (We even still have a copy to prove it!)
We remember in AutoCAD when the only way you could start a command was by typing it.
We used 3ds Studio before it was Max!

Over the years, we have watched you push boundaries, innovate, grow, and adapt. 

Through your outreach and your events, we have made friends that often feel like family. 

Regardless of which industry we are in, you have had an enormous role in shaping our learning, our careers, and the way we create.

To help celebrate, we have a gift for all Autodesk enthusiasts. For your 35th birthday, we are offering a FREE 35-day CADLearning subscription with access to more than 35 courses.

Free Individual Trial | CADLearning - www.cadlearning.com

And, since we all know that Autodesk isn’t just a job, it’s also a wardrobe, we hope you enjoy our collection of classic shirts.

Thanks for 35 years.