Happy Holidays

SF-Holidays 2018
No matter the holiday you celebrate or not, I wanted to wish you a nice time as we at Autodesk begin our annual week of rest. We are taking off the time to see family, friends, and perhaps catch up on email and sleep.

The Autodesk Portland Office is extremely festive thanks to our Enterprise Data Management Team filling our large data panels with fireplace videos and a drinking actor Nick Offerman running in a video loop instead of the normal real-time enterprise data.

Enterprise Data Management Team

We will be back January 2nd and some take a few extra days and come back refreshed and ready for the new year 2019. Of course our awesome IT and support employees will be around when you need them during the week of rest and I will be posting a couple blog posts here and things on social media but less often then normal.

Be safe, have fun, see you again real soon in the new year.