Hedgehog not Groundhog

Caddyshack MovieIts about time we got things correct after years of settling for a groundhog in Pennsylvania to tell us if winter will last another 6 weeks. First let me be clear where I stand, I know the groundhog really doesn’t have any special weather predicting powers and doesn’t even talk but grandstanding humans put words in his chubby cheeks. Now back to putting on my superstition believing hat and also living in Portland Oregon lets set the record straight. It was a hedgehog not a chubby lazy ground hog.

The original tradition in Europe was using a hedgehog. Settlers to America couldn’t find a hedgehog in the new world and so they picked the slowest moving furry critter to substitute in their weather tradition. And that's how we got Punxsutawney Phil.

Portland Oregon has gone back to the roots of the tradition of using a cute little hedgehog. This year FuFu the Hedgehog gave us hope that this brutal winter is coming to an end instead of Phil's 6 more weeks of Winter forecast. Portland's hedgehogs have had a better success rate that Phil. Phil’s record shows that he and his predecessors have only been correct 35% of the time which is less than your chances of guessing heads on a quarter correctly.


Groundhog Day? Oregon's weather-predicting hedgehog says spring is coming

One thing you can count on is the 3D rendering in Autodesk products showing the shadows more reliable that a bunch of people holding up a well fed rodent.