I'm a Grandpa!

On the drive home to Portland Friday night from a Field Innovation Team boot camp I received a text that I was now grandpa to a beautiful healthy granddaughter.

Charlotte Paige Hurley born 3/31/17 10:09 PM at a healthy 8lbs 6oz and 21in to my oldest son Chris and his girlfriend Malissa. Malissa is doing great. I am so very happy and proud of Chris and Malissa and cannot wait to meet little Charlotte. I hope her life will be filled with unlimited opportunities, adventures, and helping others and making the world a better place and that all barriers to women are finally erased by the time she makes her way. May she she live her dreams and find her way on this journey she has only just started.

Charlotte Paige Hurley Charlotte Paige Hurley
The spoiling shall commence.

I was already tired from the long day but now excited and had to stop for the night as I just couldn’t safely drive anymore. Upon awaking in the morning I felt amazing and since I was only 50 miles from Mount Rainier I decided to detour and go for some forest and trail therapy and to reflect about being a grandpa now. What an amazing place and mountain and I will return again soon to stay longer.

Mount Rainier Forest

After being home only a few hours I went and picked up my girlfriend from the airport as she was returning from a two week spring break trip to Europe with her son. I drove them home, visited for an hour and then headed to the airport myself for a trip to LA.

Grandpa Hurley?