Inventor Design Automation on Forge Beta

The Inventor Design Automation API for Forge is in public beta. This can allow you to harness the power of the cloud for repetitive tasks.  
Design Automation API (Beta)v3 

Simple introduction to Design Automation for Inventor

“The Design Automation API (V3 Beta) provides the ability to use the core API’s of your favorite CAD engines, in the cloud, leveraging the scale of the Forge Platform to run automated jobs. These jobs could be highly repetitive or frequent, or could be larger problems that need large-scale processing power. With the Design Automation API, you can offload that processing to the Forge Platform, which can process those jobs at a much greater scale and efficiency.

Imagine you have customers continuously submitting orders for custom configurations of your product. Using Design Automation for Inventor plus your own custom code and iLogic rules, you can set up an automatic responder to receive these orders and prepare initial documents and models for engineers to fine-tune or validate. The automatic handler can modify parameters in part files and assembly files and update relevant drawing files, doing all the preliminary processing in the cloud, and delivering initial documents to engineers’ desktops. Engineers can spend their time on the creative / unique / difficult aspects of each job, rather than wasting time on repetitive document-copying.

Design Automation API for Inventor provides access to the full Inventor API (“server” only), including functionality such as:

  • Modify parameters and features in IPT (part) files
  • Configure components in IAM (assembly) files
  • Update and fine-tune IDW/DWG (drawing) files
  • Use iLogic rules or custom code
  • Operate on common, static files, or per-job files
  • Provide results in any Inventor-supported formats”

Simple introduction to Design Automation for Inventor