Meet Cooper the Puppy

I want to introduce you to my new four legged buddy, Cooper. I have had dogs all my life except the past 5 years but have decided to adopt a new best friend into my life. Cooper is a Golden Retriever and is only 7 weeks old and super cute.

WARNING: Cuteness overload.
Cooper the Puppy

I have always raised labrador retrievers, until this little guy. I love my neighbors 7 month old Golden Retriever puppy and decided it was time for me to find a new 4 legged best friend to adopt me. Golden Retrievers are smart, sweet, good looking, and love the outdoors just like me.

A few years ago, my best friend Wyatt passed away. Wyatt was the inspiration for the original Autodesk Labs logo. I still have Wyatt's paw print in a concrete step and have taken it to each house I have lived over the years.

Lost a Best Friend Yesterday, Wyatt

In case you weren't aware, Autodesk is known for being dog crazy. Since the very founding of Autodesk, many of our offices welcome their employees bring their dogs into the office with a few guidelines of course.  My daughter used to call Autodesk, “Doggydesk”.

Its going to be a fun adventure of training and adjusting for both of us.
Puppy Time