Mowing Green this Weekend

In Oregon we have mild winters and as such grass in our yards are green and still grow requiring maintained by mowing. After 20 years of service with Autodesk, I was awarded a credit I could use for various gifts and I chose to green my house with a home improvement gift certificate. I have retired my gas engine lawn mower for a nice efficient Greenworks Pro 60-volt Brushless Lithium Ion cordless Electric Lawn Mower. It was really nice to mow the lawn this weekend with the new electric mower and just push a button instead of fighting the pull started and and not to worry about oil and gas or the exhaust.

It was also time to replace an old toilet with a lower water usage model toilet. Yes, I got a toilet with my gift certificate. I also replaced a couple higher efficiency LED light ceiling fans and sourced some local 80 year old reclaimed wood with a story to re-build my fireplace mantel in the house.

2018-02-04 14.39.59_preview2018-02-04 17.56.41_preview

It was a really productive weekend and I feel good to be using less energy and oil to preserve our beautiful natural surrounding us in the Pacific Northwest, and the rest of the world. If we all do our part to reduce, recycle, and reuse it will make a difference.