New Version of Netfabb & 3D Printed Coolness

Design & Manufacturing Awards 2018 Trophy
There has been a new update of Netfabb released and some may not be aware of what Netfabb is, or the amazing things it can do for 3D printing. The sweet spots in the update are the changes to latticing, update to latticing, the new  interface, new machine integrations, and some updates to Netfabb simulation to speed up your process and improve the accuracy of your results.  What’s New in Autodesk Netfabb 2019.1

We used Netfabb for the process to create and make the trophies for the Design & Manufacturing Awards 2018. The trophies were designed in Fusion 360 and then 3D printed in metal and presented to customers and partners at the recent Autodesk University.

These are the manufacturing customers who blew us away in 2018

List of the Winners in the categories:

Category: Innovator of the Year
Winner: Claudius Peters

Category: Engineering the Impossible
Winner: NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Category: Industry Disruptor
Winner: General Motors

Category: Industry Convergence
Winner: Valk Welding & DSV

Category: Making a Better World
Winner: Splash

Category: AU Design Challenge
Winner: Anne Pauley

Some photos I took of the trophies when we shipped them from the Portland office.

Design & Manufacturing Awards 2018 Trophy
Design & Manufacturing Awards 2018 TrophyDesign & Manufacturing Awards 2018 Trophy
Design & Manufacturing Awards 2018 Trophy