O’l Blue Eye

Ol Blue Eye Shaan

It’s a funny and frustrating story, but perhaps it makes sense if you had seen me over the past year and wondered “why do Shaan’s eyeglasses have one blue tinted lens.” Last fall I got my annual eye exam and new eye prescription and when figuring out my glasses and lenses I was told to get a blue tint to reduce eye strain from reading electronic devices like computers and phones which emit blue light. It made sense as blue light from devices can actually also impact your sleep cycle when you look at a screen late in the evening or at night. I received the glasses and wore them and they were great.  After 7 months my youngest son asked “why do you have only one blue lens in  your glasses when seen outside and they go to a dark tint.” I didn't know what he was talking about and took my glasses off to investigate. To my shock the left eye lens was indeed blue tint while the right was not. I was also surprised nobody else but my son noticed and said anything. I had not noticed as I was wearing the glasses when they darkened so I didn't notice the difference. I went back to the optometrist and pointed out the situation and that I needed both lenses to be the same tint. Long story short it took almost 2 months to get my lenses repaired and in that time I was overly sensitive as to how people seen me with the one blue eye. I finally got my repaired glasses two weeks ago and suggested the lens lab to tighten up their QA inspection process among other issues.

So if you met me and wondered why I had one lens that was blue and if that was some weird technology lens or medical reasons, now you know that it was just a mistake by an optometrist and lab.