Photos from Yesterdays 35th Birthday of Autodesk

Yesterday Autodesk celebrated its 35th birthday and employees, partners, and customers joined in to mark the occasion. From Portland, San Francisco, Manchester, Boston, Toronto, Moscow, Neuchâtel, and many other locations and remote offices there were employees in old Autodesk memorabilia and cakes. It was a lot of fun seeing all the nostalgia and stories in Twitter, Facebook, and other social media as well as in person.

In the Lake Oswego Oregon office which is in a suburb of Portland, we had cake and I flew a drone outside the office to capture a photo from outside of the employees in their memorabilia on the inside.  It was a lot of fun and I got to wear my AutoCAD R14 tee-shirt again.

Autodesk Lake Oswego Office 35th Birthday Party
16463067_10105433499076330_2096092448486482279_oOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And the Lake Oswego Autodesk 35th Birthday from above.

Watching the Autodesk Lake Oswego employees seen from above as they are eating cake and wearing some old Autodesk shirts.
Autodesk Lake Oswego Office Drone Photo


It looks like they are trying to escape after the sugar rush from the cake and cupcakes, or maybe just waving to the drone from the 5th floor of the office building.
Autodesk Lake Oswego Office Drone Photo

Here are photos from the Autodesk SF Office thanks to Scott Sheppard, Debashis Dhar, and other employees..
Autodesk SF Office 35th Birthday Party

More photos of people in old Autodesk shirts and birthday cakes from around the world.

Autodesk 35th Birthday Photos

The oldest Autodesk shirt I seen was the none worn by Joel Harris from 1989!

Here is an old photo from Bud Schroeder of the AutoCAD 2000 team in matching team fleece jackets. Yes, I am in there.

To top it off even the New York financial powerhouse NASDAQ wished Autodesk a happy 35th anniversary.

2017-01-31 09.20.06

Thank you everyone for participating. Without the outstanding customers, awesome employers, incredible partners, Autodesk would not be what it is today or perhaps even be here.

There will be other 35 year milestones throughout 2017 including the 35th birthday of AutoCAD in December. Stay tuned for more fun and nostalgia looking back and then looking forward to imagining, designing and creating a better world together.