PIE Demo Day

What a great and inspiring event where local Portland startups presented on their products with passion and energy. It was also nice to see such an inclusive and diverse event with most of the presenters being women founders and Latina and people of color represented. One of the nice things is all of the early stage presenters are using the PIE Shop incubator in Autodesk’s Portland office and we are so lucky and grateful for them.

PIE Demo Day 2019 replay is already available. Just in time for some weekend binge watching. https://bit.ly/PIEDD2019
PIE Demo Day 2019

Here are some photos of the early stage startups led by PIE’s founder as the master of ceremony – the amazing introverted and bearded all knowing startup mentor, sherpa, and connector of dots Rick Turoczy.

Portland Prosper and Autodesk's own Kevin Schneider spoke at the beginning talking about how local startups are important and vital to a good and healthy community.


Milk Run A digital marketplace that enables consumers to buy groceries online, directly from hundreds of farmers and producers

Julie knocked it our of the park, or field with her pitch on ways to get local small farmers goods to your doorstep with Milkrun. She stated if something isn't done we may not have the local small farmers to provide a good local product to the farmers market or our door. I'm Signing Up!


image17[1]Developing the AdaptiveSpine™, a spinal exoskeleton and supportive device that transfers weight and stress to the hips.

Dorsum is helping first responders prevent back injuries. Who couldn't back a good idea like that?

image11Empowers Latinas to live healthier lives


image40 Helps companies create resilient cultures that scale


image[11] A social network connecting student athletes to community


image6 Black Founders Matter Fund An early stage venture capital fund focused on supporting black entrepreneurs.

They are aiming for a 10 million dollar fund to help fund black startups that have by percentages not been getting their deserved VC funding.


  KrowdsourcedEnables the commercial design community to find materials and solutions for projects that match their values.

They are going to change the way materials are selected in architecture,  I'm a believer. Check out the quote from a customer.

Design Week Portland is not only coming up soon but also moving their office to the pie Shop inside Autodesk Portland. PDX Women in Tech PDXWIT have their office also in the PIE Shop and what an absolutely amazing organization.

Nexgarden   Using sustainable design innovation and unique technology strategies, we’ve changed the rules of high-efficiency vertical farming.


image41[1]A news outlet designed provides news and insights designed specifically for the Spanish speaking community


TrestleEnables consumers to shop with brands that adhere to the values they cherish
Makes perfect sense to make informed decisions on product purchases that align with your ideals such as sustainable materials.


image[12] Created a unique heating element that turns any pipe into a vaporizer by toasting the product instead of burning it.

What a great and humorous presentation for an idea and startup that wont go up in smoke.


 image50Hosts the largest database of alternative workspaces for remote professionals and travelers around the world


 image55 Provides insights on the comfort and accessibility of public places for plus-size people

AllGo was just featured on the New York Times last week!

The startups wanted to thank Rick for his never ending support.


Thank you PIE and Rick for an absolutely inspiring event.