Pizza Economics and AutoCAD Fields

I read a startling research item by Mashable that may not have been apparent to everyone. It wasn't apparent to all of us Autodeskers who have a long tradition with Beer Busts at special events and Autodesk University. There is about 28 more square inches of pizza in the single 18” pizza (excluding the great stuffed crust debate). Yes, on a normal thin crust pizza you get more ordering the 18 inch pizza instead of 2 – 12 inch pizzas.

Pizza Economics

In verifying this fact because I don't always blindly trust Mashable, I'm giving you a handy AutoCAD tip on use the awesome unappreciated FIELD object. You can show the live value of an object, even an associate hatch to show the area.

Open AutoCAD
Draw a circle suing C.
Use BHATCH command to place a boundary hatch on the inside of the circle.
Now use the FIELD command and select > Object, then select the BHTAHCH and place the value. Now when the boundary of the hatch changes, so does the value. This can be used to show area of floorspace, landscape, steel, roof, parking lot, or pizza.
AutoCAD to display area with FIELD object

Here is an oldie but a goodie blog post I wrote showing a more detailed tutorial on using AutoCAD Fields.
StarBacks BBQ Floor Space Planning with AutoCAD FIELDS