Post Autodesk University Monday– Now What?


Maybe you were one of the over 11,000 attendees in Las Vegas last week attending Autodesk University 2018 and have traveled home and perhaps getting back to normal after catching up on sleep and getting my voice back over the weekend like me. But now what? If you are like me, you have a lot of great memories, photos, business cards, people to follow up with, a few new found pounds from the food to get rid of, many emails waiting a response, and expense reports to do. I will be posting photos from last week over the next few days and some of my highlights. Autodesk University is almost too busy at times for me to post my photos and post on the blog from the event with some days being 4:30am to 12:30am and lugging camera gear around but not enough pack animal skills to carry my laptop as well, so I resorted mostly to social media @shaanHurley quick glimpses in the moment.

Three important things to consider doing on this Monday after AU:

  • Get re-hydrated.
  • Share your newly acquired knowledge with you colleagues!
  • Watch the keynotes and recorded sessions you missed  on demand

Photos and stories from AU2018 will be coming starting today!
Bowling at the AU 2018 Party

Thank you for making this an amazing Autodesk University experience!