Puppies, Kitties, Beer, Gifts, Bad Sweaters and Gingerbread all for a Good Cause

Yesterday in the Autodesk Portland Oregon office, we held a fun event in the afternoon. Two volunteer employer groups Ministry of Mischief and Impact Team  partnered to have fun and support some good local causes. The Impact Team supported making the holidays better for a local family and gathering things they needed for their family. The Ministry of Mischief organized the donation to the Oregon Humane Society and they brought puppies and kittens into the office. Also for fun by the Ministry of Mischief organized a bad sweater contest and gingerbread house decorating.
IMG_9675 (1)IMG_9848 

We work hard and like to also have fun for a good cause here at Autodesk.

Some  photos from the event.


A quick fun video HoHoHO err Bark Bark BaRK https://youtu.be/s86QNIMqSBo
Thank you to everyone that volunteered to make this event so fun and make an impact to a local family (Friends of the Children non-profit), four-footed furballs from the Oregon Humane Society, and to our employees fun.

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