Smelly Glitter Bomb for Surprise Package For Thieves Designed Using Autodesk Fusion 360

I have always said that we at Autodesk have the most awesome and creative customers in the world, and to that point I submit another fine example. Having personally been a victim of a package thief that stole my package from my doorstep and made off with my new yoga mat, I would rather have boobytrapped my stolen package like Mark Rober and Sean Hodgins did. These two are in my top admired people doing good things and should be tasked with more projects to solve and perhaps nominate these two for a Noble Peace Prize based on innovation, creativity, and engineering.


Well, look at 1:11 in the video to see the proof it was one of our awesome Autodesk Fusion 360 customers users!
Fusion 360

Co-builder Sean Hodgins, posted a tear down video about the clever engineering.

After watching the mesmerizing glitter in slow motion as the package blows, am I the only one that really wants to open one of these just for the fun of it?

So, do you think it was real?

I still hope the package thief that stole my new yoga mat used it and is a better and more kind person.

Namaste and karma for package thieves is a bad smelling glitter experience!