Startups in Autodesk's Portland Office

Autodesk has provided space and resources to a local Portland startup incubator organization named PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) to run a startup incubator in our Portland office named PIE Shop.

PIE Shop

PIE has mentors in residence as well as visiting and staff on site to help local startups succeed. Autodesk employees love the interaction with the startups and assisting where needed such as design software (for free of course). I personally share a popular believe that any large company can learn from lean startups as well startups learn from established companies so it is a win win.  Among the startups are amazing local organizations like PDX Women in Tech. This is such a innovative and inspiring community and we are so grateful to have them in our building. See the PIE startups on PIE Demo Day 2019, Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 2:00 PM.


Here is a list of some of the full and part time inspiring mentors and residents of PIE Shop:

  Additive Care
Offers a push button 3D printing solution for the healthcare industry

Provides insights on the comfort and accessibility of public places for plus-size people

Black Founders Matter Fund
Black Founders Matter Fund
An early stage venture capital fund focused on supporting black entrepreneurs

Uses a variety of connected devices and other tools to gather data from physical environments to identify efficiencies and improve usability for everyone.

De Las Mias
Empowers Latinas to live healthier lives

 Design Portland
One of the most popular and well attended Design Weeks in the world is working to add an additional 51 weeks to its schedule, every year

Developing the AdaptiveSpine™, a spinal exoskeleton and supportive device that transfers weight and stress to the hips.

 Foundry Collaborative  (Mentors in Residence)
Features the team who built the Adidas connected ball reimagined as a product consultancy

Enables the commercial design community to find materials and solutions for projects that match their values

Milk Run
A digital marketplace that enables consumers to buy groceries online, directly from hundreds of farmers and producers

Using sustainable design innovation and unique technology strategies, we’ve changed the rules of high-efficiency vertical farming.

 Nocturne CollectiveCrafts the systems your brand needs

  Odyne Space  
Designing a reusable and more efficient rocket to make commercial space more accessible

PDX Women in TechPDX Women in Tech (Mentors in Residence)
Strengthening the Portland women in tech community by offering educational programs, partnerships, mentorships, resources and opportunities

Portland Innovation Quadrant Portland Innovation Quadrant 
ublic-private partnership among entities large and small designed to foster innovation and collaboration in Portland’s urban core

Praxis Department
elps companies create resilient cultures that scale 

 Tono Latino
A news outlet designed provides news and insights designed specifically for the Spanish speaking community

Enables consumers to shop with brands that adhere to the values they cherish

A social network connecting student athletes to community

Hosts the largest database of alternative workspaces for remote professionals and travelers around the world