Thinking Big with Generative Design

See how Stanley Black & Decker’s Breakthrough Innovation Group used generative design and additive manufacturing technologies in a pilot project to lightweight its crimping tool attachment part.

The Power of Generative Design is coming to Autodesk Netfabb 2018
“The resulting generative design may look a bit unusual to some, but it reduced the hydraulic crimping attachment weight by just over 3lbs, or 60%. The simulations that were run concurrently showed that the tool maintained the strength characteristics of the original tool and, because the generative design service is available for Netfabb users, it also allowed them to create an additive manufacturing strategy to fabricate the new attachment.”

Networking at AU
It was great news to learn about as I remember a one hour casual discussion at Autodesk University 2016 at an event with a young engineer from the Black & Decker Innovation team. We had just randomly sat down to eat some catered diner, introduced ourselves, and began to chat. It is important to note, the meeting of new people and making contacts and networking at Autodesk University is a really big benefit to attending the event. We talked about the changing tools of design such as Fusion 360 and generative design and the possibility of changing their power tools which shaving some weight would be great for their customers holding and using the power tools for long hours and also the potential for material savings, heat dissipation, and other potential benefits.

So fast forward a few months, and now seeing what Black & Decker is doing with generative design and researching the benefits. I don't think my casual chat started this development, but it was nice to discuss and hear what they were looking for at AU and hopefully I helped get them to the right people.

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