We Do Research

My group within the Autodesk organization is changing its name from Office of the CTO (OCTO) and will now be known as Autodesk Research. OCTO for a group name is super geeky and reflects reporting structure but not what we do. We will be named Autodesk Research because research is what we do.  We always had fun with the acronym of OCTO as an octopus mascot, but now the octopus is on to bigger and better things and will be retiring.

So long my 8-legged friend, we had fun but now is the time you should go enjoy your next adventure.

What does this mean for anyone else? Nothing really as there are no changes as we are still doing the research, technology centers like Pier 9 and corporate strategy function for the company. We still have the same leadership as the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Scott Borduin reporting to the CEO Andrew Anagnost

I wanted to let everyone know when they see my title in my signature change.

Shaan Hurley
Technologist - Autodesk Research

Autodesk Research