We Have a PIE Shop in Portland

Autodesk, PIE, Uncorked Studios team up on new Portland manufacturing incubator. Portland Business Journal

Towne Storage Building in the Central Eastiside Industrial District by Shaan Hurley

“Three top local startup champions have launched an ambitious program that looks to foster new product startups and help entrepreneurs overcome challenges tied to making physical objects

Portland design and product agency Uncorked Studios, 3D software maker Autodesk Inc. and the accelerator Portland Incubator Experiment introduced PIE Shop, which will guide startups through the prototyping and manufacturing phases. The program will be housed in Autodesk's new office in the renovated Towne Storage Building.”

“Autodesk’s role in the residency program is to provide the space, technology, and expertise that complements PIE and Uncorked Studios’ visions for a diverse, connected network of local start-ups," the company said in a statement.”

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