What is Autodesk Researching with AI and VFX


Problems grow in complexity with time, what is Autodesk doing to solve this challenge for VFX?

“From specialized image segmentation to AI-powered UV creation, and natural language art directing, see where Autodesk stands and is going with AI-fueled entertainment creation.

Evan Atherton, Senior Research Engineer, kicks off the conversation of how designers and artists will work in the future with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Will Harris, Flame Family Product Manager, discusses AI for VFX and Color Finishing, and Sebastian Casallas, Senior Software Engineer, shares ongoing projects at Autodesk, such as automatic seams with AI.”

AI at Autodesk for 3D and VFX Content Creation




Artificial Intelligence at Autodesk for 3D and VFX Content Creation from Autodesk Media and Entertainment