What a Weekend with a Lunar Eclipse of the Super Blood Wolf Moon

Snowshoeing up Mt Hood Snowshoeing up Mt Hood

What a long name, but an amazing and rare lunar event combination that won happen again for many years. I hiked up wearing show shoes on Oregon’s Mount Hood and sat up near the Palmer Glacier and cooked a dinner on my backpack stove and enjoyed the amazing show as the clouds parted to show a clear sky and big bright moon. The super full moon was so bright I didn't need any headlamp to hike in the snow and when it was in the red phase it appeared almost like Mars above me, and quite surreal.

Snowshoeing up Mt HoodSnowshoeing up Mt Hood

What an amazing view for dinner and a lunar eclipse.

Snowshoeing up Mt Hood

Dinner on my Jetboil backpack stove using my snowshoe as a base.

Taken with NightCap

Here is a photo of the moon by friend, Willy Campbell. Willy is a backyard astronomer and captures amazing images using his telescope in Utah.
Super Blood Wolf Moon by Willy Campbell