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20 Mar, 2013 By: Curt Moreno

Cadalyst Labs Report: Before you make your next monitor purchase, learn how to choose options that will meet your needs and take a look at six current models that we put through their paces in Cadalyst Labs.

AOC i2367fh
23" LED-backlit LCD monitor
Overall Grade: B+
Pros: High performance, innovative modern design, great value, built-in speakers.
Cons: Actual product belies advertised promise of a nearly bezel-free aesthetic, no vertical/tilt/swivel adjustment, VGA and HDMI only, no USB ports.
Price: $199
AOC | 888.662.9888

The 23" AOC i2367fh is easy to assemble and offers solid performance for a low price.
The 23" AOC i2367fh is easy to assemble and offers solid performance for a low price.


Immediately out of the box, the AOC i2367fh gives a very compact, minimalist impression. This was one of only two monitors in our roundup to arrive unassembled; however, assembly was effortless. Once assembled, the unit has a Spartan appearance with a stylish, brushed aluminum base and virtually nonexistent bezel — sort of.

Resolution. The AOC i2367fh features a WLED-backlit IPS display panel with a native 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and a 5-ms response time. It has a nice, clear image with a measured brightness of 250 cd/m2, delivering rich blacks and deep colors at a 16:9 aspect ratio.

I was eager to get this monitor out of the box, given its heavily promoted 2-mm bezel and packaging that pictured a screen with what appeared to be an edge-to-edge image. As nice as it was, the monitor didn't deliver the "bezel-free" look I anticipated. It is really a standard panel with a 0.4" black border running the perimeter between the image and the bezel. I was disappointed that the narrow bezel didn't translate to more screen real estate.

Ports and plugs. Power and video connection ports are located on the back of the slim display. Unfortunately, the connection options are limited. The unit features two HDMI ports, which is nice if your graphics card has HDMI out, and a single VGA connector — all of which are rear-facing. Unfortunately, it has no built-in USB ports. You will find 3.5-mm jacks for audio-in and headphones, as well as two built-in speakers located at the back of the unit, facing upward.

Design and adjustability. I liked the industrial design of the monitor stand and pedestal. However, the unit has no swivel, tilt, or vertical adjustment. It does have one feature that I have not seen in other display units: When removed from the stand, the display panel becomes a desktop-level display, leaning back on its stand connection stalk.

Warranty. AOC offers a three-year parts and labor warranty, with the WLED backlight covered for one year. The i2367fh didn't deliver the "bezel-free" appearance I expected, but it is a very respectable unit with a fine display. It is currently available in the retail channel for approximately $199, a price that makes it easy to forgive its shortcomings.

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