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20 Mar, 2013 By: Curt Moreno

Cadalyst Labs Report: Before you make your next monitor purchase, learn how to choose options that will meet your needs and take a look at six current models that we put through their paces in Cadalyst Labs.

Lenovo LT2452p
24" LED-backlit LCD monitor
Overall Grade: A-
Pros: High performance; clear and bright; slim, modern design; rapid-response warranty.
Cons: Limited vertical adjustment/swivel, no HDMI port.
Price: $433.99
Lenovo | 866.968.4465

The 24" Lenovo LT2452p sports a sturdy stand and an attractive design overall.
The 24" Lenovo LT2452p sports a sturdy stand and an attractive design overall.


Lenovo's entry into this monitor roundup is the 24" Lenovo LT2452p. This monitor is designed to complement Lenovo's lines of ThinkCentre and ThinkStation desktop computers. The design similarities are obvious, including the matte black bezel and unusually shaped control buttons. Lenovo's attention to detail is apparent in the design: From a prewired VGA cable to a monitor shipping cover that doubles as a huge, branded tote, you can tell that the company has considered every detail.

Resolution. The Lenovo LT2452p offers a 1,920 x 1,080 IPS display panel with a 16:10 aspect ratio and a static contrast rating of 1,000:1. With a brightness value of 300 cd/m2, the LED backlight can provide a nice, bright display in any workspace. The 6-ms response time contributes to a rich display with dark blacks and bright colors that are quick and sharp.

Ports and plugs. On the back of the unit, you'll find the expected power connection as well as several downward-facing ports, including VGA, DVI-D, and DisplayPort video connections, a standard USB port, and a USB upstream port. Three more USB ports are located along the left side. Lenovo offers security via a Kensington lock port.

Design and adjustability. The display panel sits atop a sturdy stand that provides stability, even at full vertical extension. The mounting mechanism allows for a 90-degree rotation for portrait viewing and a 90-degree swivel. The vertical adjustment gives a 4.3" (110-mm) adjustment with smooth, easy-to-use action. Cable management is provided with a simple retainer strap.

Warranty. The warranty for this monitor is a standard three years' parts and labor, plus Lenovo's Rapid Replacement Service.

Although the Lenovo LT2452p is a fairly straightforward monitor with standard features, I was won over by its industrial design and thoughtful touches. This monitor would make a fine addition to any CAD workstation.

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