3D Printers and Scanners
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Contex Announces New Wide-Format Scanners, MFPs   28 Sep, 2012

New IQ scanner series said to produce exquisite image quality for 24" and 44" technical documents, maps, and drawings.More>>

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Material Worlds   15 Nov, 2011

3D printing is finding myriad applications — from rapid and custom manufacturing to DIY projects to parts production in space — as reliability, affordability, and functionality reach new heights.More>>

Zero-Gravity Tests Hint at a Galaxy of Applications   15 Nov, 2011

This is a sidebar to the Cadalyst article, "Material Worlds."More>>

2BOT Carves Out Niche in Modeling Market   15 Nov, 2011

Low-cost alternative to 3D printing helps communicate terrain and building information.More>>

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CAD It Yourself   28 Jul, 2011

Tech Trends: DIYers are moving out of the garage and into view of companies offering sophisticated tools and services that fuel creativity. More>>

News & Resources From 3D Printing Companies
Briggs Automotive Company Cuts Design-to-Manufacture Time of Air Intake for New BAC Mono R Supercar Using Stratasys FDM 3D Printing   22 Aug, 2019

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC), the British manufacturer of the recently launched Mono R, is using additive manufacturing for both the design...More>>Read all Stratasys blog posts>>

3D Systems Names Seasoned Finance Leader Todd A. Booth as New CFO   19 Aug, 2019

3D Systems Names Seasoned Finance Leader Todd...More>>Read all 3D Systems blog posts>>

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