Ad Unit Formats and File Standards

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Prepared by Digital Ad Operations,
a department of the Digital Management Group
Ad server: Atlas AdManager

Check with your sales manager or publisher as to which of the below sizes are sold on a given site or e-newsletter. Interstitial and Pop-up ad sizes do not have to be listed on this page, as they can be any size. Please check with the individual publisher as to whether interstitial or pop-up ads are accepted.

In some cases we can nest a smaller ad size in a larger one (such as a 300x250 unit at the 330x260 iFrame at a site) if necessary, however we prefer that the ad is the correct size.

Ads on web sites: We accept JPG, GIF, PNG, Flash (SWF), most 3rd party tags, streaming video, Enliven, Eyeblaster, Pointroll, and image maps. Expandable or "traveling" rich media (which bursts outside of the unit's size dimensions) have special requirements.

Ads in e-newsletters: We accept JPG, GIF, PNG, and non-HTML 3rd Party Tags. (Third Party tags for e-newsletter ads cannot be sent to us as HTML files such as <a> tags or iFrames. They must come as two links: one for viewing the ad, and one for clicking on the ad.) We cannot run rich media (Flash, etc) ads in e-newsletters, only on sites.

Recommended max file sizes below are for JPG or GIF files. File sizes that are greater may still be accepted, but please check with us first.


Leaderboard (728x90)
*See top of this page for an example of a 728x90 leaderboard ad*

Banner (468x60)
Small Box or Small Square (125x125)
Big Box or Large Rectangle (336x280)
Wide Skyscraper (160x600)