Live Nesting in Microstation v8i

2 Dec, 2009 By: Abraham Rodriguez

If you're making the transition from v8 2004, learn how to overcome problems in linking sheets with the Master Container file.

At my company, Parsons Brinckerhoff, we recently upgraded to Microstation V8i. As you may know, most upgrades require a great deal of learning and troubleshooting. For the first month or so, we kept jumping back and forth between Microstation V8 2004 edition and V8i just to keep production moving until we resolved the problems we were running into.

One challenge that we had a difficult time with was related to live nesting. In our office, we use live nesting when creating our sheets.

Using Microstation v8 2004 edition, we would maintain a master file, or Master Container, and a sheet file. The master file would contain the work for the length of the project — for example, an alignment file. A Master Container, in our case, is just that: a container that would hold all the master files you would like to see within the sheet set that the Master Container file was created for. In our case, the sheet file has two files attached: the Master Container and the border. For this sheet set, if you wanted to turn off a level, detach or attach a reference file, or clip anything, you could do this within the Master Container instead of opening each sheet to make the changes.

When working within a sheet in the V8 2004 edition, if you turned levels off or on, it would break that link between the Master Container file and the sheet. Even if you went to the Master Container file and turned levels off or in, it would not update that sheet. In v8 2004, under the reference dialog, we could change the setting from Live Nesting to No Nesting and back to Live Nesting.

When we upgraded to Microstation V8i, however, that fix would no longer work. We had to go back to v8 2004 to get it to link up again. After more research, we discovered how to fix this issue without having to go back into v8 2004. Within the reference dialog box next to the No\Live Nesting menu, there is another menu that allows you to Allow Overrides, Always Override, or Never Override. If set to Never Override, the setting will always have the levels that are on or off within your container file. 

You can also set this under the Workspace Preferences pull-down menu. This allows the user to turn levels on and off while working on the sheet. It will revert back to whatever is set in the Master Container file. I hope this helps those getting ready to start using Microstation V8i and to use live nesting.

I'd like to take a moment to offer thanks to Axiom for its RefManager, a tool that has saved us many hours of work. In our case, we create our initial sheets with inroads. We use this initial set as our base to create other sheet sets, such as drainage, grading, etc. In one particular project containing 138 sheets, creating these sheets without axiom would give us hours of work. With deadlines looming and budgets being cut, those extra hours could be disastrous. RefManager allowed us to replace the original Master Container file of one sheet set and replace it with the new Master Container pertaining to that sheet set. Otherwise, we would have to open each of the 138 sheets and manually replace the Master Container file.

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