AEC Tech News #197

2 May, 2007 By: Scott MacKenzie

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Architects See Red Again

More review/redlining tools and PDF-to-CAD conversions

To continue my discussion of review/redline software, I will share what I have learned from recent research into some of the programs and what I gleaned from feedback to my previous article on the topic.

As soon as you get comfortable with the concept of using DWF and PDF editing software in your daily workflow, you will see it is very easy to use. There isn't much to learn. If you can type and draw clouds, you are ready to start. Don't worry about the amount of energy it will take to learn new software. Relax, it's the process of your workflow that you need to worry about. You need to decide if this kind of tool can improve your design and coordination process. Get your project team, a projector and a laptop, and you will be ready to roll.

I have been using Bluebeam Revu and Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 to redline PDF files. Both programs are great. Acrobat Professional 8 has just been released, and I plan on checking it out soon.

Since my last article I received great responses from readers on non-CAD review and redline applications. I’ve tested some new products and learned a few things, so I'll share what I discovered. Read more>>

AEC in Focus -- The Maturation of Civil Engineering Software

By H. Edward Goldberg, AIA

Several companies create products for civil engineering, but the main players are Autodesk, Bentley and Eagle Point. Rather than creating new paradigms, this segment of the industry is beginning to mature by improving its existing products. This month's "AEC in Focus" presents what's new for 2007 from these companies and provides an update on the excellent civil engineering-specific visualization software from RDV Systems. Read more>>

Mark Your Calendar: AEC Events

MasterGraphics' Autodesk 2008 Product Solutions Seminars
Various May Dates
Various Midwestern Cities
MasterGraphics' Autodesk 2008 Product Solutions Seminars will provide design data specialists in the manufacturing, building, and civil industries with in-depth exposure to the most current Autodesk software. The tutorials will provide users with the opportunity to see how the right combination of process innovations and software upgrades can make a dynamic, positive impact on every facet of design operations. Read more

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