AEC Tech News (#211)

3 Oct, 2007 By: Scott MacKenzie

CompliCAD v1.

The ultimate BIM software will provide you with a challenge -- and an intense headache.

Are you comfortable with your CAD program? Do you have a stable and predictable work process? If so, don't you get a little bored with that? Wouldn't you like a little excitement and mystery in your life? To test your patience and troubleshooting skills on a daily basis, I urge you to invest your time and money in CompliCAD, from Ahtsamatta-U Hard Software.

Complicate your production process with CompliCAD, the new BIM (building information modeling) software. Spend more time installing, configuring, and troubleshooting problems than actually designing buildings. This package is designed for people looking for a more challenging work experience. Expand your troubleshooting skills by developing work-arounds and redoing your work.

Why don't they call it CompliBIM, you ask? Well that would make too much sense. When you use CompliCAD, BIM stands for Bitching Is Mandatory, Bubbee its Meshugeh, and Better Imbibe Martinis.
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CAD Manager -- Managing 2D and 3D in the Same Office

By Robert Green

Years ago, I noticed a growing trend of mixed 2D/3D CAD use taking hold in all types of companies, and I wrote about it in a "CAD Manager" column. What I found interesting then was that 3D wasn't replacing 2D; instead, it was augmenting and living alongside to form what I call the 2D/3D hybrid CAD environment. After some substantial industry changes, I'm revisiting the topic of hybrid offices to pass along some helpful hints for improving productivity while retaining your sanity in these sometimes-confusing CAD workplaces. Read more>>

Mark Your Calendar: AEC Events

An Evening with Autodesk Industry Specialist Kim Renshaw
October 12, 2007
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Synergis is offering the Sustainable Design Lecture Series to support the Sustainable Design movement. Attendees will learn the current challenges facing businesses, discern some of the perceived barriers to becoming more sustainable, and get an early look at the potential impact to the AEC business process and the subsequent changes just on the horizon. Read more

November 1, 2007
Portland, Oregon
This Autodesk User Group International (AUGI) regional learning and networking event will be packed with interesting courses and opportunities to network with fellow "campers" and browse the exhibit area. The foremost goal of AUGI CAD Camp is to enlighten and inform through educational sessions, which serve to broaden users' experience with the Autodesk products they use every day. Read more

Using Green Building Studio for Whole Building Energy Analysis
November 9, 2007
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
At this Sustainable Design Lecture Series event, Peter Gehring, director of building solutions at Synergis, will discuss how attendees can use a Web-based energy engineering analysis solution that integrates with today's 3D-CAD/BIM applications. The conversation will focus on a building information model from Revit Architecture. Read more

Building Performance Analysis Using Revit MEP
December 7, 2007
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This Sustainable Design Lecture Series event sponsored by Synergis will focus on using the integrated IES Virtual Environment (VE) analysis platform within Revit MEP to conduct preliminary building performance analysis. Peter Gehring will lead the discussion and will also cover preparing the Revit building information model for export to the IES VE software application for more robust building performance analysis.
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