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18 Feb, 2009

The World According to BIM, Part 2

The discussion continues about the workplace challenges presented by BIM, and the approach we think will yield the best results.

By Pete Zyskowski

In Part 1 of this article, I examined the role of the CAD operator as it relates to building information modeling (BIM). I also provided some insight into the thought process that should govern how BIM operators are selected. This time I will discuss the communication that should take place among the various parties involved in a project and how data sharing should be approached.

External Communication and Sharing Intelligent Data
If you haven't yet looked at the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) documents on the AIA web site, you should, because you almost cannot speak of BIM without mentioning IPD in the next breath. There is a wealth of documentation out there regarding IPD, so I won't dwell on it, but I will reiterate some of the more important points as they relate to the focus of this article.

To this end, I routinely field questions during classes and presentations about how the communication must now happen between the architect and external parties that include the owner and consultants. The communication between architect and consultant is self-explanatory once you begin to read through all the documentation on IPD, and it can be summed up in two words: early and often. This is because the bulk of the work now shifts forward in the design timeline and questions need to be answered quickly so that the model can be developed in an intelligent and timely manner. Read more »

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Pete Zyskowski is a senior building information modeling application consultant at Applied Software (


Solutions from Synergis Tutorial:
There's Trouble in the Nest

By Bill Knittle

You can modify an annotation family so that the label remains readable when placed in certain orientations within the Revit model.

Some families in their out-of-the-box libraries are problematic. This article will focus on modifying an annotation family, which is nested in a duplex receptacle family so that the label remains readable when placed in certain orientations within the Revit model.

Recently, I was approached by a customer asking me, "Why is the text label on a receptacle upside down when I place it on a wall?" Oversight?

In Revit MEP, I'll start by selecting a receptacle in the model. Then, I'll click the Edit Family button on the Options Bar. Read more


Mark Your Calendar: AEC Events

VisMasters Design Modeling and Visualization Conference
April 28, 2009
San Francisco, California
Now in its fourth year, the DMVC has expanded the program offerings to include comprehensive coverage for architectural design professionals and architectural visualization artists as well as architectural firm principals. Read more »

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