Avatech Offers New Revit Tools to AEC Community

15 Nov, 2007

Five new productivity solutions for Revit Architecture 2008 are available for free download.

Avatech Solutions launched five new Revit Architecture productivity tools. Room Renumber, Door Mark Update, Change Case, RevitCity Browser, and an updated Revit Earth Connector for Google Earth, are available for immediate download and are free of charge.

Room Renumber allows Revit Architecture users to automate the renumbering of existing rooms based on any user-defined order. Rooms can be added to an existing series, and subsequent rooms intelligently renumber to make space for the inserted number.

Door Mark Update surveys all doors and rooms in a building model to determine the proper mark for each door. The tool allows users to inspect and override suggested marks and update marks, compiling a new schedule and door tag annotations to reflect any changes.

For design firms that have standards regarding labeling, Change Case scans through a document set and enforces case standards, automatically updating building information modeling (BIM) data for rooms and views to meet company or client standards.

Revit City Browser allows designers to browse directly inside of Revit, as well as pull down content and add it to projects. The utility also assists users in renaming the content and storing it in the proper library folder.

Earth Connector for Revit is an enhanced edition of the Avatech product that allows designers to export building information models from Revit into Google Earth. The latest edition includes 4D construction phasing, which allows designers, developers, and owners to watch in Google Earth how phases of a project will be built over time.