Cadalyst AEC Tech News #133

1 Dec, 2004 By: Michael Dakan

Cadalyst AEC Tech News

A Closer Look at CDV Systems

Company offers Autodesk Revit training, Codebook project management software

CDV Systems of Winchester, Massachusetts, provides consultation, training, and training courseware for Autodesk Revit architectural BIM (building information modeling) and CAD software. Cyril Verley, CDV president and a registered Autodesk AEC Independent Consultant, has been providing CAD consulting, training, and support to AEC organizations for more than ten years, working first with AutoCAD and then Revit when it became an Autodesk product. Verley worked with Autodesk to help develop the training courseware used by Autodesk Official Training Centers for Architectural Desktop v2 and v3. He has authored or coauthored several books on CAD subjects and provides specialized training in CAD standards and implementation issues for CAD managers.

Revit Training and Support
Since 2003, CDV Systems has concentrated on providing training and services for Revit products to many companies nationally and internationally. Two CDV training courseware books for Revit are available: Introductory Courseware for Autodesk Revit, which is designed as a two-day (16-hour) course, and a three-day (24-hour) Advanced Courseware for Autodesk Revit course. The introductory course consists of 16 chapters covering subjects such as building information model basics, user interface, temporary and permanent dimensions, wall basics, sections and elevations, annotation, floor slabs, tags and schedules, stairs, roofs, massing, and sheets and printing.

The advanced course expands on this list to include linking AutoCAD files, wall types and schedules, wall editing, windows and families, curtain walls, foundations and footings, site work and topos, interior partitions and furniture, structural shapes, advanced stairs and railings, site parking and planting, rendering, reflected ceilings, detail drafting, ODBC data linking, project worksets and sharing, and project phasing. Through the 40 hours of total instruction in the two courses, a user should get a good basis for using and getting the most out of the Revit software. Introductory Courseware for Revit is $56.95, Advanced Courseware is $107.95, and a package of both is $140.95. Quantity discounts are available.

Courseware for Revit v7, which was introduced commercially by Autodesk this week, is under development for release in first quarter 2005. At the request of users of previous versions, Revit v7 courseware will have a revised format, consisting of a single, comprehensive book covering the complete range of the software, complemented by a series of short courses that cover specialized advanced subjects.

Codebook Software and Training
CDV Systems is also the U.S. distributor of the Codebook Project Management and Tracking Software. Codebook was developed by an architect in Great Britain to handle large-scale projects in the healthcare industry. In use primarily in Europe, Codebook helps organize and manage a complete database of project information from programming requirements and design through the complete project lifecycle, including facility operation and maintenance.

Codebook uses a Microsoft Access database to store and manage individual room specification and program requirements, such as room sizes and finishes, room furniture, equipment and fittings requirements for large-scale projects such as hospitals, laboratories, and multiple-unit housing. It is suitable for use with a variety of projects and building types, but is most refined and customized for projects in the healthcare segment.

Codebook will generate a variety of reports on project information. It is linked to CAD files and will generate reports and diagrams of database information. It supports and links directly to AutoCAD, MicroStation, and MicroGDS CAD files, using the CAD program to create various reports such as room types and area diagrams. You can generate automatic room data sheets in your CAD program to show the project data for each room in the project.

CDV Systems has developed training courses for Codebook and provides implementation consulting and training for Codebook installations. Codebook is not inexpensive — it costs $9,300 for a two-seat license — but if you need a project-management database tool for predesign through facilities management, Codebook is a proven solution that has been around for a long time, and it merits a look.