CADalytic Media Offers SpecifiCAD Beta for Graphisoft ArchiCAD v10 and v11

14 Feb, 2008

Software delivers manufacturer information from the Sweets Network and Google 3D Warehouse.

CADalytic Media announced today that the company has released SpecifiCAD beta for Graphisoft ArchiCAD v10 and v11. SpecifiCAD is designed to deliver the functionality of the Sweets Network to provide manufacturer content directly on the BIM (building information modeling) desktop. The company reports that designers can access CAD details, SketchUp 3D models, catalogs, three-part specifications, and green design information. SpecifiCAD also delivers relevant Google 3D Warehouse content, including the McGraw-Hill Construction Sweets3D Collection content.

"SpecifiCAD is a great productivity booster for ArchiCAD users because it delivers relevant building product content directly to the ArchiCAD desktop. Architects can spend less time searching for products and more time focusing on their designs," said Patrick Mays, vice-president and general manager of Graphisoft North America.

The beta release is available free on the CADalytic Media Web site. SpecifiCAD also is available for other platforms and works with Microsoft Windows operating systems.