CAFM Resources Provides Web-Based Access to Facilities Data

11 Mar, 2008

Available in April, FMView will allow users to search, edit, and report FMDesktop information via the Internet.

CAFM Resources announced the upcoming release of FMView, which will provide Web access to Autodesk FMDesktop data, offering interactive access to and reporting of facilities management information via the Internet. FMView reportedly will be available in April.

FMView will offer the following:

  • drawing, viewing, and markup capabilities

  • ability to theme drawings to show space use, people, locations, and equipment

  • search engine that allows users to locate and display any information in the database

"Even though FMDesktop is one of the most cost-effective and easiest to use CAFM systems available today, many users have expressed the need for maintaining facility information via a browser-based interface," said Dustin Smith, a principal at CAFM Resources. "Our market research determined there is a strong need for a Web-based add-on to FMDesktop to provide interactive access to facilities data."