Carlson Adds IntelliCAD Capabilities to Product Lineup

13 Apr, 2008

Version 2009 of Carlson product suite to run on both AutoCAD and IntelliCAD technology.

At the opening session of the Carlson Silver Anniversary User Conference on April 14, Bruce Carlson, president and founder of Carlson Software, announced the addition of the ability to run on IntelliCAD (ICAD) to the 2009 releases of Carlson Software. These include Carlson Civil 2009, Carlson Survey 2009, Carlson Hydrology 2009, Carlson Mining 2009, Carlson Takeoff 2009, and Carlson GIS 2009, all of which reportedly will be released over the next several weeks.

"We are very excited to offer our users this new option, a different CAD engine in addition to AutoCAD or Map," said Carlson. "If a user already has AutoCAD versions 2000 all the way up to and including 2009, then they can work smoothly and effectively on those platforms. If they don't and are looking for an alternative, effective, and lower-cost CAD, Carlson's 2009 product comes with ICAD built in, ready to use for no extra cost."

In addition to this new choice of CAD engines, Carlson has added various improvements in functionality, including better annotation for plan production with updates to Profiles, Sections, Area Labels, Station-Offset Labels, Spot Elevations, Sewer Network Labels, and Cut/Fill Color Maps.

Additional features include the ability to view an aerial image draped onto a surface in both the Carlson 3D Viewer and Surface 3D Flyover, to place building pads within lots during layout, and to process multiple pad perimeters at a time (design pad template) with precedence and slopes assigned by layer.

"When you buy or upgrade to Carlson 2009, you can work on either AutoCAD or ICAD -- it's your choice," Carlson said.

Developed by the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, ICAD is a DWG-compatible CAD platform that CAD developers can build upon.