Carlson Software to Bundle 2009 Product with HydroCAD

20 Apr, 2008

Carlson Hydrology 2009 to include a complete 10-node HydroCAD system from HydroCAD Software Solutions.

An alliance between Carlson Software and HydroCAD Software Solutions will result in the availability of the HydroCAD tool for modeling stormwater runoff in Carlson Hydrology 2009.

"HydroCAD is such a standard in hydrology and hydraulics design that we are really pleased to announce that the basic HydroCAD module will be included with Carlson Hydrology 2009," said Bruce Carlson, president and founder of Carlson Software. "We will link to HydroCAD and will even conform our methods more closely to those of HydroCAD in upcoming builds of Carlson Hydrology."

Carlson Hydrology, a part of the Carlson Civil Suite of solutions for civil engineers and designers, offers CAD-based runoff calculations and structure sizing from ponds to channels to pipes and includes full pipe-network design and hydraulic flow analysis.

"This is an alliance to take advantage of the strengths of both companies," said Peter Smart, developer and CEO of HydroCAD. "Carlson and HydroCAD is a combination that will really work, helping users save time on repetitious data entry, increasing their accuracy, and giving them access to HydroCAD's extensive rainfall libraries and stormwater chamber specifications."

HydroCAD with Carlson Hydrology 2009 is scheduled for release on or before May 1. The second phase of the company's partnership will result in a link that facilitates the automatic movement of data between the two solutions.

Both Carlson and Smart emphasized that the alliance is not an acquisition. HydroCAD and Carlson will continue to operate as separate companies.