CityEngine Now Available for Mac and Windows 64-bit

17 Dec, 2008

Software includes examples cities and scenes, and city-layer editing functionalities.

Procedural announced that its 3D city generation software CityEngine ($3950) is now available for Mac OS X and Windows 64-bit. In addition, the free 30-day trial version of the software now comes with example cities, such as a future New York City.

"We are happy that our Mac friends are now able to benefit from the huge advantages of the CityEngine," said Pascal Mueller, Procedural CEO. "To celebrate it, we created Apple City consisting of thousands of Cupertino headquarters. So in case Mr. Jobs intends to rebuild Cupertino, he has now the tool to plan it on his new MacBook."

In addition to the software's 64-bit support for Windows, CityEngine now includes example scenes, which allow architects and designers to quickly create detailed cities via parametric modeling only.

Other features of the upgrade include these:

  • ATI graphics cards now fully supported
  • introduction of city-layer editing functionalities
  • faster street growth