Eagle Point Exchange Launches Job Board

7 Nov, 2007

Online business community is designed to help civil engineering, land surveying, and landscape architecture firms manage workloads.

Eagle Point Software announced this week that the company is adding a job board to its Eagle Point Exchange (previously The Engineering Exchange) business service, an online business community for civil engineering, land surveying, and landscape architecture firms.

According to the company, Eagle Point Exchange is designed to provide access to resources that help owners manage workload, such as the job board and Contract Connections, which allows organizations to look for subcontractors when they have excess work and bid on projects when they have excess capacity.

"Our mission is simple. We help you efficiently manage workload and maximize revenue by connecting companies with excess work to those with excess capacity," said Laura Howard, Eagle Point business consulting manager. "As we continue to expand the Exchange, we are looking at providing business owners with additional tools and resources they can use to run their daily business effectively and efficiently."

The company also announced future plans to add educational materials, business templates, and connections to others in the industry to help business owners manage their organizations. Membership to Eagle Point Exchange is free. For a limited time, members can post a 30-day job opening on the job board for free. For more information or to register as a member, visit the Eagle Point Exchange Web site.