First Trace Joins Bentley Developer Network

3 Dec, 2007

Company also begins development on a MicroStation add-in that will allow users to automate document-management, design-change-tracking, and task- and process-management procedures within the MicroStation interface.

First Trace announced that it has joined Bentley's Developer Network and has begun development of a new add-in that will provide MicroStation users with engineering-document and data-management capabilities via the company's enterprise document management solution, which is powered by Kinnosa.

The new add-in reportedly will allow MicroStation users to automate document management, design-change tracking, and task and process management, as well as provide unified data-management capabilities to distributed enterprises.

"MicroStation users will now have access to all the benefits provided by the next generation of content-management solutions that the Kinnosa Enterprise System brings to the industry," said Brian Williamson, product manager for Kinnosa and First Trace. "MicroStation documents scattered across a distributed enterprise can now be easily managed, accessed, and modified in a single environment, without changing how users work."

Additional Kinnosa solutions (Kinnosa Workflow and Distributed Change Management) can be combined with the enterprise document management solution to streamline management of the entire design, First Trace states.