HDR Architecture and CUH2A Merge

3 Jun, 2008

Companies announce plans to combine practices to deliver integrated AEP services to an array of specialty areas.

HDR Architecture announced the intent to merge with CUH2A to create a comprehensive science and technology (S&T) design firm. The combined companies will employ approximately 1,700 architecture, engineering, and planning (AEP) staff in more than 40 locations worldwide.

With complementary portfolios across the academic, government, and corporate S&T market sectors, HDR and CUH2A plan to deliver integrated AEP services to an array of specialty areas, including biomedical research and development, academic research, biocontainment, nanotechnology, vivaria, clean rooms, and forensics.

"CUH2A's science and technology portfolio provides immediate growth and diversity to HDR's practice, while allowing us to penetrate even further into the healthcare markets in the northeastern and southeastern U.S. as well as the Middle East and other critical global locations," said HDR Architecture president Merle Bachman. "Merging our shared commitments to innovation and integrated project delivery will broaden our reach in a global landscape flattened by faster communication, shared knowledge, and accelerated client expectations."

Echoing Bachman's sentiments, CUH2A president Scott Butler added, "HDR adds internationally recognized specialization in areas that round out our S&T practice, and its extensive network of offices establish a platform to deliver our combined expertise around the world. The world of science is changing. Our clients are crossing global boundaries and working across disciplines to create the big breakthroughs in research. The CUH2A and HDR alliance puts us in the best position to enable these trends. We will bring together unmatched knowledge in every area of science research for every part of the world."

The merger allows each company access to previously impenetrable markets and regions. As a result, HDR and CUH2A reportedly will fast forward their company's strategic development. The union is scheduled for completion by the end of June 2008. Once completed, the S&T groups of each company will merge into one business unit. Executives from HDR and CUH2A will form an integrated management team for the combined unit, which will be led by CUH2A's Butler.