Nemetschek Establishes Charitable Foundation

5 May, 2008

Son of Nemetschek CEO to lead the foundation as executive director.

Georg Nemetschek, founder, CEO, and currently a member of the supervisory board of Nemetschek AG has announced his family's establishment of the Nemetschek Foundation.

The foundation reportedly will be dedicated to charitable purposes, supporting projects in the areas of education; science and research; arts and culture; the environment; international understanding; and social projects throughout Germany.

The foundation recently received a donation consisting of funding in the form of cash and one million shares in Nemetschek AG from Nemetschek and his son, Ralf Nemetschek. The Nemetschek foundation will harness the proceeds of the original donation and dividend payments from the stock to pursue charitable goals for the benefit of society, according to company reports.

"I believe that the notable economic success of the Nemetschek Corporation is due not only to our personal contributions but also, alongside the hard work and efficiency of our employees, to the political and social environment in the Federal Republic of Germany," said Prof. Nemetschek. "The unique historical environment of postwar Germany was conducive to entrepreneurial initiative and remains so today."

Ralf Nemetschek will assume leadership of the foundation's affairs as executive director. Georg Nemetschek will chair the foundation board. The foundation has its headquarters in the Nemetschek building in Munich.