Reed Construction Data Launches SmartBIM

12 May, 2008

3D design advancements reportedly foster more organized, efficient use of Autodesk Revit.

Reed Construction Data announced the launch of SmartBIM solutions for the AEC community. This first phase of SmartBIM will include SmartBIM Library, SmartBIM Objects, and RSMeans Quick Cost Estimator.

With the launch of SmartBIM, Reed Construction Data reportedly seeks to further enhance the Autodesk Revit user experience by providing a comprehensive object-organization solution (SmartBIM Library), parametric building information modeling (BIM) objects (SmartBIM Objects), and the enhanced ability to value a project (RSMeans Quick Cost Estimator).

"We are taking 3D design to the next level by combining high-quality objects and powerful software tools with RSMeans Cost Data," said Iain Melville, CEO of Reed Construction Data. "The movement into 3D design has led to a number of advancements, including greater design and change-order flexibility, enhanced project delivery through better collaboration, and more cost-efficient and safer designs. SmartBIM addresses the challenges and opportunities that this new technology presents."

Reed Construction Data's SmartBIM Library is a companion product to Autodesk Revit that enhances content management by allowing design firms to organize, manage, and locate BIM content. It also allows users to generate libraries from data and objects that they currently use and drag and drop objects directly into Revit models. In addition, SmartBIM objects will be able to link directly to RSMeans data for costing and other analyses.

Reed Construction Data is also offering SmartBIM Objects for Building Product Manufacturers (BPMs). SmartBIM Objects are objects designed to simulate the actual product and embed critical product data and specifications in the Revit model.

"Building product manufacturers can leverage BIM to showcase their products in a building in the design phase if they have high-quality objects in the hands of the architect," said Richard Remington, vice-president, product development, Reed Construction Data. "The SmartBIM object-creation program provides BPMs with high-quality BIM objects that can be distributed through many channels to end users, which increases the opportunity to be specified into the building."

Reed Construction Data offers the RSMeans Quick Cost Estimator within Revit to calculate the estimated value of a project specific to its location. RSMeans data will be integrated with all SmartBIM applications and will offer unique data for its users' models, according to the company.