Virtual Building Makes Proposals Real

11 Mar, 2004 By: Ákos Pfemeter

Graphisoft ArchiCAD's Virtual Building function is not only an appropriate tool for creating a realistic 3D model of a building, it also provides a unique tool set for placing that model in its real setting. This tool set opens powerful, more effective channels of communication between the architect, the client, and design review boards throughout the design process to speed approval cycles and help ensure customer satisfaction.

A firm can use this tool to gain competitive advantages. Clients select architectural firms based on design work-and on reputation. Securing approvals from local review boards is key to fulfilling customer's needs, and using Virtual Building can improve your chances of success in this area. That success can lead to repeat business or help generate new business as potential clients seek an architect with a track record of bringing projects to completion.

Streetscape Reality
Today's architects create wonderful presentations of their buildings using a variety of techniques. One common factor is that they all strive to depict designs in their real environments-they need to accurately communicate how a building will fit into and affect its planned location.

Using Virtual Building and the ArchiCAD Align View tool, you can do exactly that. The office building shown in figure 1, a real project, has been proposed for an urban setting.

Figure 1. Rendered office building fits into photograph of its proposed location. Design by Fran

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