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18 Sep, 2005 By: Cadalyst Staff

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This month, Harry offers the following tips from Cadalyst readers.
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  • Orthographic Lines
  • Flipping Lines
  • Chain Objects into a Selection Set
  • Breaking Lines
  • Turn Objects Invisible or Visible
  • Archiving Utility

From AutoLISP Solutions, by Tony Hotchkiss:
  • Intermediate Terrain Contours

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Around the World in 80 Seconds: Google Introduces 3D Geography
for Everyone

By Kenneth Wong
Google Earth brings a 3D view of the world to your Web browser. Will it change the face of GIS?

cadalyst labs reviews

The Big Picture—Clear Choices in CRTs
By Ron LaFon
Traditional CRT displays haven't disappeared yet, and are still preferred by many CAD and visualization professionals. Cadalyst Labs checks out two outstanding new models from NEC and ViewSonic.

Revit Building 8—Autodesk Delivers Solid BIM Capabilities
By Steven S. Ross
Autodesk's flagship building modeler is a worthy option for those ready to embrace BIM.

first look reviews

HP Designjet 4000—Large-Format Printer
By Ron LaFon
HP's latest inkjet printer incorporates a print server.

SpacePilot—Intelligent 3D Motion Control
By Mike Hudspeth, IDSA
The SpacePilot from 3DConnexion is an intuitive controller for working with 3D models.


CAD Manager—Technical Performance Reviews
By Robert Green
You owe it to yourself, your employees and your company to make the best use of performance reviews.

AEC from the Ground Up—AEC CAD Data Standards
By H. Edward Goldberg, AIA, NCARB
As the world gets smaller, CAD standards become more and more important.

Spatial Technologies—Urban Planning Builds on GIS Data
By James L. Sipes
The power of GIS is being harnessed to make better urban design decisions.

All About AutoCAD

Hot Tip Harry
Compiled by Bill Kramer
Handy tips for rotating objects, creating selection sets, breaking lines, creating invisible objects and archiving.

Circles and Lines
By Lynn Allen
Let AutoCAD do the math by extracting attributes and creating linked tables.

Learning Curve
By Bill Fane
Take your field objects to the next level.

Bug Watch
By Steve Johnson
Beat the exasperating xref problem, plus more menu malfunctions and a new fix for maligned MLines.

AutoLISP Solutions
By Tony Hotchkiss
Generate intermediate terrain contours between two existing contours.

Avatech Tricks
By Carl Smith
A custom toolbar in AutoCAD Electrical makes drawing point-to-point wire diagrams more productive.

AEC tools

Productivity Corner
By Bill Wandersleben and Frank Conforti
Place Note Tool, Part 2: More options for this useful MicroStation feature.

Archicad Insights
By F. Kurt Ameringer
Use MaxonForm and ArchiCAD to push the boundaries of conventional design with virtual building modeling.

1-2-3 Revit
By Rick Rundell
BIM plays a role in India’s construction boom.

On the Job: A Warehouseful of Fixtures on One CD
New World Graphics uses IMSI DesignCAD to create library of 3D models for architectural drawings.


On the Job: GIS Guides Rescuers to Adrift Atlantic Rower
SARMAP software helps pinpoint adventurer Tiny Little’s location in Atlantic Ocean.


Editor's Window
By Sara Ferris
Not Just for Servers: Software starts to catch up with 64-bit processors.

CAD Central
Report from the ESRI user conference.

Dialog Box
Letters from Cadalyst readers.

Product Showcase
By Ron LaFon
Latest hardware and software releases.

A behind-the-scenes look at the CAD world.

Cadalyst's full calendar of industry conferences, classes, trade shows and more.

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