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20 Nov, 2005 By: Cadalyst Staff

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This month, Harry offers the following tips from Cadalyst readers.
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  • Miles Per Gallon Calculation
  • Select from Available Plotters
  • Incrementing Attribute Values in Blocks
  • Increment Attributes Using VBA
  • Attribute Layer Match
  • Displaying the Drawing Scale in a Text Object
  • Create a Casting Date Stamp
  • Draw Gear Set Label
  • Metric Steel Sections

The latest articles from Cadalyst magazine and are now live online! Here's a look at what's new for AEC.

cadalyst labs reviews

Need Speed? Dual Chips Max Out CAD Power
By Ron LaFon
For our second workstation roundup of the year, Cadalyst Labs reviews the latest in dual-processor technology from @Xi Computer, HP, Monarch Computer Systems and Polywell Computers.

Adobe Photoshop CS2—Image Processing for All
By H. Edward Goldbert, AIA
Adobe's Creative Suite offers a variety of tools, new and old, that engineers and architects find indispensable.

first look reviews

PolyNote 915P4-MXM—Notebook Computer for CAD
By Ron LaFon
Polywell's new customizable notebook is capable of CAD work.

SketchUp 5—Conceptual Modeling for AEC and Mechanical Design
By Mike Hudspeth, IDSA
@Last Software's SketchUp delivers excellent tools for conceptual modeling and visualization.

AutoVue 19—Viewing and Collaboration Software
By Ron LaFon
Cimmetry's time-tested viewing and collaboration software offers support for more than 450 file formats.

M-Color 9—Presentation Plots Made Easy
By Ron LaFon
Motive Systems' plot software helps users make presentation-quality plots.


CAD Manager—CAD Manager Survey 2005
By Robert Green
Keep up with the latest trends that affect the careers of CAD managers.

AEC from the Ground Up—The Strengths of BIM
By H. Edward Goldberg, AIA
BIM can help users extract and develop data in designs, but its real benefit comes in creating design and construction documentation.

Spatial Technologies—Surveying for a GIS World
By James L. Sipes
How are surveying and GIS becoming more integrated?


Editor's Window
By Sara Ferris
Talking turkey: Nine things to be thankful for this year.

CAD Central
Analysis of industry news and trends.

Dialog Box
What's on your mind?

Product Showcase
By Ron LaFon
Latest hardware and software releases.

A behind-the-scenes look at the CAD world.

Conferences, classes, trade shows and more.

Industry News
Breaking stories from around the industry.

All About AutoCAD

Hot Tip Harry
Compiled by Bill Kramer
Readers share some attribute editing utilities, plus routines for calculating fuel mileage, selecting a plotter, date stamping and more.

Circles and Lines
By Lynn Allen
Customize your AutoCAD shortcuts with the new CUI.

AutoLISP Solutions
By Tony Hotchkiss
This month's custom routine handles automatic decimal numbering.

Learning Curve
By Bill Fane
Discover more improvements in AutoCAD's QuickCalc feature.

Bug Watch
By Steve Johnson
AutoCAD's Selection Preview needs refinement, but your tablet may work in AutoCAD 2006 after all.

CAD Clinic
By Mike Choquette
Create any type of corridor with Civil 3D's Corridor Design capabilities.

Avatech Tricks
By Jerry Burns
Master the power of Inventor 10's style libraries.

AEC tools

Archicad Insights
By Kurt Ameringer
ArchiCAD's Interactive Schedule unlocks the information part of BIM.

1-2-3 Revit
By Rick Rundell
BIM gives Chinese firms a competitive advantage in their country's construction boom.

On the job: Monster House Contestants Nail Design Challenges in Record Time
AutoCAD, 3ds max help bring TV show to life.


On the job: GIS Aids Hurricane Relief Efforts
Mapping, spatial analysis and Web services support national, local responses.

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