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Microdesk Article
Digital Twin — Construction through Operations   25 May, 2023

VIEWPOINT: Digital twins bring data alive in all aspects of a building, from construction to operations and through lifecycle analysis.More>>

AEC Solutions: AEC Firms Embrace Virtual Reality Article
AEC Firms Embrace Virtual Reality   3 May, 2023

AEC Solutions: Gaming technology finds practical use on construction projects.More>>

Digital Delivery for a Safe, Durable, and Reliable Future Sponsored
Digital Delivery for a Safe, Durable, and Reliable Future   4 Apr, 2023

While aging infrastructure around the world continues to need investment, how can Bentley Systems help your business solve those problems using technology and saving time and money.More>>

Embracing Construction’s Digital Opportunity Sponsored
Embracing Construction’s Digital Opportunity   7 Mar, 2023

The construction industry is primed for a digital future, but the keys to success are implementation, distribution, and workforce buy-in. How best can organizations embrace this new technology?More>>

CADSOMA: A Place for CAD Plugins Sponsored
A Place for CAD Plugins   8 Feb, 2023

A new app store marketplace for CAD software and industry solutions.More>>

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