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8 May, 2014 By: Cyrena Respini-Irwin

User Profile: Want to play with the cool toys? Zach Burhop demonstrates how you can build them yourself.

How do you choose new projects?

I have no set method for deciding which projects to tackle; it’s definitely more of an art than a science. I love all sorts of projects. If I have an idea or I see something cool I want to try, I usually go for it. I’ve taken on design projects (furniture), fashion projects (shoes and goggles), electronics projects (robots and Arduino stuff), and engineering projects (rockets). If it’s new, unusual, and technical, I’m interested.

Can you give us some examples?

Christmas tree. My birthday is on Christmas, so I wanted to make something cool; I get tired of the same stuff every year! This is a 3D-printed Christmas tree that uses digital LED strips and Arduino to create animated light effects. All of the ornaments are 3D-printed.

Music note sticker. I wanted to find a new use for NFC tags, which are small computer chips that talk to a smartphone when they touch it. I created vinyl wall stickers with these built inside. You can touch your phone to pieces of art in your house that can trigger events, such as turning on lights or playing music. They can even send out a tweet for you.


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Re: DIY Guy
by: TimPickens
May 8, 2014 - 2:15pm
Great article! Zach is the most energetic and hard working guy I know. He also makes some of the coolest projects! Zach has helped me pull off a few miracle projects, and his creativity is contagious. Thanks for covering his work. If his stuff does not get your readers excited, then you go back to spanking the computer and underwater basket weaving. Thanks Tim Pickens

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