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Proactive CAD Training Strategies Article
Proactive CAD Training Strategies   12 Jun, 2019

CAD Manager Column: Dedicating a little time to training in a consistent, thoughtful way will help you ward off problems before they arise. Here’s how to set up a simple, effective training program for your users.More>>

Measure in AutoCAD Twice, Cut as Many Times as You Like! Video
Measure in AutoCAD Twice, Cut as Many Times as You Like!   10 Jun, 2019

You might have tried the Measure command in AutoCAD before, only to be disappointed in the outcome. You just didn’t know the secret to achieving the desired results! Join AutoCAD video tipster Lynn Allen as she shows you how the powerful Measure command can quickly place a block (or point) at...More>>

Proactive File Security Article
Proactive File Security   22 May, 2019

While file security might not be the most exciting part of your job, it is one of the most important. More>>

Cut the Cost of CAD Conversion Sponsored
Cut the Cost of CAD Conversion   17 May, 2019

The 3D PDF file format is structured to help you share designs and data among your company’s employees and clients via Adobe Reader.More>>

The Cost of CAD in 2019 Article
The Cost of CAD in 2019   16 May, 2019

Subscription models are now the norm and perpetual licenses are taking the back seat.More>>