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Why CAD Managers Need Authority Article
Why CAD Managers Need Authority   24 Sep, 2019

CAD Manager Column: Is lack of authority just an excuse for not being able to enforce standards and procedures? Here’s what you — and your upper management team — must understand about the necessity of authority in the CAD manager’s role.More>>

Autodesk Responds to Architects’ Criticisms of Revit Experience Article
Autodesk Responds to Revit Customers' Concerns   31 Jul, 2020

The developer of the building information modeling (BIM) software addresses criticisms leveled by architects who are frustrated by rising costs, licensing changes, and other issues.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#450)   22 Jul, 2020

Readers respond to Robert Green's questions about cloud-based CAD software and more.More>>

Whose CAD Is It, Anyway? Part 2 Article
Whose CAD Is It, Anyway? Part 2   22 Jul, 2020

CAD Manager Column: Readers share their opinions about proprietary data formats, the move toward cloud-based CAD tools, and more.More>>

Lenovo, AMD Partner to Introduce the First Ryzen Threadripper PRO Workstation Article
Lenovo, AMD Partner to Introduce the First Ryzen Threadripper PRO Workstation   17 Jul, 2020

Based on AMD’s new workstation-specific Threadrippper PRO processor, the ThinkStation P620 is a high-core-count, single-socket platform that promises performance for multithreaded and lightly threaded workloads alike.More>>

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