CAD Management Articles
PlotLog 4.1/4.2   31 Jan, 2000

PlotLog 4.2 for AutoCAD 2000 (4.1 for Release 14) is a simple plot-logging utility that prompts you to enter plot data during the plotting process.More>>

Plot Suite 1.5.3/Time Suite   31 Jan, 2000

Plot Suite 1.5.3 is a plot-spooling application for AutoCAD Releases 13–2000 and AutoCAD LT.More>>

Plot Tracker   31 Jan, 2000

Plot Tracker is a package of AutoLISP and ARX utilities for logging plots in AutoCAD Release 14.More>>

LT On-line: Lesson 1   31 Dec, 1999

Drawing Setup, part 1.More>>

Working with Extended Data in VBA and AutoLISP   31 Dec, 1999

Have you ever wanted to attach additional information to existing AutoCAD entity objects? Perhaps material properties, loading limits or construction details? If so, then you should consider the use of extended data.More>>