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Dell PPO Blog
New Tool Automatically Tunes Dell Workstations   5 Apr, 2013

Free Dell Precision Performance Optimizer currently supports SolidWorks, PTC Creo, and Autodesk Maya. More>>

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Eurocom Panther 4.0   21 Mar, 2013

First Look Review: This mobile workstation delivers a brilliant display, good memory and storage capacity, and terrific speed — but shouldn’t stray far from an outlet.More>>

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Dell Precision M6700   21 Mar, 2013

First Look Review: System packs high-end desktop workstation power into a portable form factor.More>>

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SPECapc Releases Benchmark for Systems Running SolidWorks 2013   13 Mar, 2013

All-new tool puts 10 models through 12 tests to help users gauge hardware performance. More>>

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Windows 8: Is It the Right Call for CAD?   14 Feb, 2013

Microsoft’s new OS, with its radically redesigned touchscreen interface, could face an uphill climb toward professional adoption.More>>

CAD Workstation Form Factors 101White Paper: CAD Workstation Form Factors 101 
The proliferation of mobile, mini, remote, and even luggable form factors can create confusion. To get a clearer view of your options, download this 30-page guide, which compiles Alex Herrera's five-part form factor series into one convenient resource. From the editors of Cadalyst. Download your copy.

How to Choose a CAD Workstation on a BudgetWhite Paper: How to Choose a CAD Workstation on a Budget — 2018 Edition
You’re not looking to splurge on all the bells and whistles; you just need a reliable machine that will get the job done. But what type of configuration will meet your needs? And which components and capabilities are must-haves? From the editors of Cadalyst. Download your copy.

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Do You Use SketchUp in Your Workflow?   6 Sep, 2019

If you’re an architect or product designer, odds are you’ve spent countless hours learning how to use various types of 3D design software. At...More>>

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