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Cadalyst Publishes Generative Design Primer

12 Sep, 2018 By: Cadalyst Staff

A new white paper explains the technology, terminology, and tools in the world of computer-optimized design.

Design technology is always evolving, and each new development brings new capabilities — and limitations — to the market. Currently, generative design is opening new opportunities for solving design problems. It's also turning traditional workflows upside down, moving simulation ahead of model creation.

But what is generative design? It’s a category of technologies that suggests design options, or optimizes an existing design, to meet criteria defined by the user. Understanding the basics of the technology can help you decide if it’s time to share your AEC or product development workload with generative design tools.

Register to download the new white paper from Cadalyst, "An Introduction to Generative Design," and get started exploring the terminology and technologies that are reshaping design. This 9-page white paper by engineering technology expert Monica Schnitger includes a table of in-CAD and stand-alone tools to help you understand what's available in the market today.

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